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# Name Phone Fax Position
1 Nicole Portell 573-436-8108 573-436-8508 Building Principal
2 Deanna Clapp 573-436-8108 573-436-8508 Administrative Assistant
3 Web Team 573-436-8303 Web Team
TIS_Trojans Congrats to Miss Alayna! Weekly Perfect Attendance at Summer School! Have fun swimming on your summer break! https://t.co/0ilUMrWPDq
TIS_Trojans Congrats Miss Ava!! Perfect Attendance for Summer School Winner!! Enjoy your summer break water fun style! https://t.co/pZ3jhx3epe
TIS_Trojans Congratulations to one of our amazing teachers! Thank you Portia for all you do for our students! https://t.co/5Q6zZrI8fK
TIS_Trojans Congrats Lillian Hammock! Summer school attendance winner! https://t.co/ofF19bA0pa
TIS_Trojans Summer School Perfect Attendance Prize! Harold Griffin congratulations on your new game system, 220 preloaded games! https://t.co/KISR8om8wn