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# Name Phone Fax Position
1 Nicole Portell 573-436-8108 573-436-8508 Building Principal
2 Deanna Clapp 573-436-8108 573-436-8508 Administrative Assistant
3 Web Team 573-436-8303 Web Team
TIS_Trojans Multiply two by two!! https://t.co/MVBvtYYgv8
TIS_Trojans Loving our 4th grade “How To” Projects! https://t.co/OU3SKvTpTI
TIS_Trojans How to make reindeer Hair!! Fun fun fun! https://t.co/67M5q16TFP
TIS_Trojans Making sand, learning is fun! https://t.co/thREjnWX5s
TIS_Trojans How to speeches! Noah did a great job on how to make a volcano! https://t.co/jLtgvpdk3V